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What we offer

We are a tool that you can leverage to find ideal candidates for your job listings. We have job seekers looking at our job postings from the website, iOS app, and Android app. Our site is popular among 18-25 age groups.

We can offer you an advertising package tailored to your requirement. You might post one ad or multiple ads, we can create an advertising package so that you achieve ROI on the advertising spend.

Our pricing

Rs. 1500
per add
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How to advertise?

Step 1

Create an account with us. Vist our registration link and create an account.

Step 2

Contact us by email on [email protected] or phone on +94 75 095 0450. We are readily available on both of these options. We assist you in purchasing a package and getting your ad live.
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Step 3

Visit our job posting link and create your ad. Once posted, we will approve it within 24 hours.
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Step 4

Track visitors to your job listing in the My Jobs section of your account.